Through movement, touch and sensing we become familiar with the different aspects of our being, cultivating a deep and subtle somatic awareness.

With this awareness, we tune into the qualities of the different facets of ourselves, and realities.

Through subtle awareness of the structures of the self, through movement and tactile sensitivity, we cultivate alertness and presence into our body and unfold into movements that feel delicious, enhancing new ranges and qualities of expression and presence, and improving our well being.

We feel drawn to convey via intimate, and particular encounters,

focusing on specific and personal inquiries, to enhance your uniqueness,

and help you reveal your singular creative path.

With that intention, we chose to offer a frame for individual,

semi-individual or small group sessions, 

enabling more autonomy and authenticity in relation to time/space/process

Concretely: you solicit our accompaniment for the modality you feel inspired by

Bodywork, Myofascia Breathing, Motional, Authentic Movement, Meditation, Chi Kung & Samãna Yoga

and together we set a time/frequency frame.

From love, with love


Single session: 45€-65€ (individual), 70€-90€ (semi-individual for max 3 pers), 100€-120€ (groups for max. 12 pers.)

Monthly engagement (4 sessions): 60€/month (individual), 90€/month (semi-individual for max. 3 pers.), 140€/month (groups of max. 12 pers.)

Duration of a session: min. 1h max. 2h.


chardonlou(@) // + 351 910 518 101 (Telegram & WhatsApp)