For thousands of years, meditation has been considered a crucial practice on the path of awakening. Through meditation, we lose our false sense of separate identity and connect with the One Divine Presence, Conscious Existence, the Self or Soul that we truly are. We merge with the vast space of silence and emptiness in which the whole game of life arises. Here and Now.

Old spiritual traditions teach us clearly, that the world we experience through our senses is in fact merely an illusion, maya. That at a deeper level everything is one, and that we are not a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter. There is in fact only the totally complete, creative, and radically free Absolute Consciousness that is experiencing itself subjectively.

More recently this ancient wisdom has been backed up by science, more in particular by quantum physics. The conclusion that scientists came up with, is that what is called matter consists for 99,9999999% out of empty space and that the rest, the subatomic particles, are in fact in their natural state nothing but vibrations. Life is a subjective full-immersion 3D holographic projection.

Merging with the true Self in meditation also connects us to the Absolute itself and therefore to pure Bliss and all Higher Knowledge. By having our anchor in this Absolute Field of all possibilities, we realize that we already are totally complete, radically free, and full of bliss.

The meditation we practice is mainly breath meditation, which is one of the oldest forms of meditation. It’s is a very gentle and very effective form of meditation, without any “doing” (such as concentration on an object, a mantra, or a thought) but simply “being”. Then, from gently being aware of the breath, we flow into the transcendent state of pure Presence, of the I Am. Totally surrendering and simply resting in the silence and emptiness which are our true nature and in which life arises and experiences may present themselves. The meditations will be partly guided and partly in silence.

A Mandorla / Monte do Carvalhosinho

On Wednesdays from 10h30 to 12h00
Sessions are in English and can possibly also be organised in Dutch, French or German.

info & registration: / +351 920 119 520