Artistic Hermitage

©Louise Chardon 2018

A Mandorla is a place for creation and artistic transformation. People with a creative imagination can work here in the midst of nature, which is perhaps the most creative of us all. The sedimentation of the rock with all the color nuances between rust and grey, the organic patterns in the wood drawn by the trees, the rotation of the trunk towards the light, but of course also the incredible brightness in Portugal and the magical cloud formations on the heaven …. enough inspiration for people with an artist’s soul! For those interested in research into dance and movement, we also provide a dance studio.

If desired, we propose the possibility to be accompanied in your research or creative process by Luk Van den Dries and/or Louise Chardon, who are experienced and expert in the fields of dance, somatics, theater, and performance.

We have the availabilities to receive 5 persons in double or triple rooms, a yurt, and a working space of 70m2, plus of course the natural environment of our land, 33 hectares of medronheiro and cork trees.

500€ to 700€/week, depending on the season, for the hosting and the use of the working space;
45€/hour for our artistic accompaniment;