The voice as a spiritual guide

Self inquiry through the medium of voice and music is extremely useful. it can serve us as a key which opens a door to our true nature as peaceful freedom. it can take us so deep until there will be no more use for a key because there are no doors anywhere, only one vast space of presence.” Shai Dayan

The Voice-Being practice is a special opportunity to inquire

into our story as Human-Beings.

As Human Beings we are experiencing ourselves

and the world from two different perspectives,

one is the Human perspective and the other is the Being perspective.

The Human is the unique, special, specific, conditioned personal perspective

that sees the world and self as separate entities,

identifies and locating itself within space and time.

The Being is the universal, unified, unconditioned, non-personal,

fully independent and complete perspective that experiences the world

and self as one, complete and content reality which includes

within itself all manifestation, without any exceptions.

Why  voice?

The voice has two main elements to it,

one is breathe and the other is sound.

Breath represents the universal being aspect,

for breathing we don’t need any qualifications,

special talents or training, it is a natural flow of life.

Sound represents the human aspect as it is very unique,

special and personal, no two voices are the same.

As we start to have a closer look into the voice phenomena,

we very soon find the first insight into our own existence,

Breath can be without sound but sound cannot be created without breath.                                                            

This can demonstrate at the wider perspective the relationship

between the Human and the Being, Being can be by itself, independently,

while Human is created by the power of the Being

without which we cannot be.                                                                                          

In short, first there is the Being, from that,

for whatever reason if any, human can be created.  

If we keep observing the voice mechanism

we can see that when sound is being born into this world

its power is so overwhelming that it is easy to forget

the breath that made it possible, while in fact, it is the combination

and balance between the breath and sound that determines

the appearance and quality of the voice.

Both exist at the same time, no contradiction.    

So is with the Human being, the uniqueness and passionate brilliance of

the human can be so capturing that makes it easy to forget

the silent universal Spirit which is in fact the source creation of the human.                                                         

 It is this dance between the unique and universal the makes

the creation and life of the Human-Being  possible.


In the workshop

we will witness the birth of our voice:

We will feel the sensation of our voice in the body,

understand how it works and how to use it for:

strengthening our concentration, sharpening our attention,

expend our observation, deepen our meditation.

We will sing freely, maybe dance, we will also be still and silent.

Through the alter states of being that this practice may lead us into,

we might find ourselves inquiring deeply into our

Human and Being nature.                                            

No previous information is needed.

A video introduction to the work:

About Shai:

I have been doing this work in different versions for the last 20 years.                                        

I was making music for most of my life until I was introduced to Meditation some 30 years ago,

this encounter shifted everything.

I left my old life and dedicated my time and energy for the spiritual practice until it felt like

it’s time to find a way to combine my passionate love for music with my unconditional love of spirit.                                              

That is how this work came about and this is what I would like

to share with you.

In details:

  • Friday 15 – arrival at 17:00 – opening circle from 18:00 to 20:00 – dinner;
  • Saturday 16 – from 10:00 to 13:00 – lunch – from 15:00 to 18:00 – dinner;
  • Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 – lunch – closing circle;


180€/150€ (early birds payed before September 24th)/120€ if you bring a friend


Monte do Carvalhosinho, 7630-033 Boavista dos Pinheiros,

Odemira, Portugal

Decimal degrees: Width: 37.515798 // Length: 8.621390  
GMS: Latitude: N 37°30’56.9″ // Longitude:  W 8°37’17.0″

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