In this three days practice lab, we will meet for an introduction and presentation of Fasciapulsology.

Opening to the benefits of Fasciapulsodance as a body practice and a physio-philosophical space for exchange and conversational creativity.

It is about finding and practicing specific attentive listening, that is precise, deep and global.

A quality of touch, that is respectful, concrete, soft and enveloping.

The practice between human beings that are sharing space and ground through physical state of consciousness and cybernetic feed-back.

During that weekend, there will be 5 collective practice sessions.

Participants are due to engage for the entire weekend.

There will be possibility to reserve private individual sessions on Saturday afternoon ( to be registered in advance, limited places* )

Florence is an independent choreographic artist, author, researcher, and performer.

She has developed her work in various artistic fields such as theatre, cinema, contemporary dance, opera and visual fine arts.

In her work, Florence engages creativity by revealing one’s own experience.

She creates metaphors where the body qualities and the imaginary converge in the sourcing of the deep self and our human physical constitution inviting the vitality of singular experiences.

Her work reveals multiple aspects of consciousness and their complementing expressiveness.

At the heart of our physiology, how do we meet sensory perceptions, their subtleties and modalities?

How do we also meet the animal’s energy, its expressive yet silent presence?

How does the non-tangible shape and form itself into motion?

Alongside, she completed her education in Body-Mind Centering(R) as a certified practitioner of Fasciapulsology (IFCC-Christian Carini) and is studying with Dr Catherine Shainberg (School of Images, Saphire™).

Florence also accompanies, teaches and leads collective practice & labs in diverse organizations and institutions throughout Europe and takes part in various artistic collaborations.


Arrival Friday 21/04 between 3pm and 4pm

Friday 21/04 :

  • session 4pm > 6pm
  • dinner 7:30pm

Saturday 22/04 :

  • breakfast 9am
  • session 10am > 1pm
  • lunch 1:30pm
  • possibility to book an individual session with Florence between 2pm and 4pm (45€/60€ per individual session)
  • session 4pm > 6pm
  • dinner 7:30pm

Sunday 23/04 :

  • breakfast 9am
  • session 10am > 1pm
  • lunch 1:30pm
  • session 3pm > 6pm
  • dinner 7:30pm

Monday 24/04 :

  • breakfast 9am
  • session 10am > 1pm
  • lunch 1:30pm
  • closing circle & departure 3 – 4pm


  • Workshop: 100€ solidary / 140€ balanced / 180€ supportive
  • Lodging & meals:
    • 180€ full pension in the house or yurt (9 meals + snacks, 3 nights sleeping in a double room in the house or yurt – 60€ extra for a single room)
    • 120€ full pension in our facilities (9 meals + snacks, 3 nights sleeping in a single tent or in the common space – 4 beds max)
    • 90€ full pension in your own tent/van (9 meals + snacks, 3 nights sleeping in your tent or van with access to common showers and toilet)
    • 36€ only lunches

All conditions give access to the 33 acres land of A Mandorla, the water pound and the swimming pool.

The meals are principally vegan and composed of bio and local products.

  • Transport from/to station (Odemira / Santa-Clara Saboia) : 26€

Regiatration: send a mail to or via Telegram/Whatsapp +351 910518101

Note that the group is limited to 12 participants.