HEART RELATIONS MAY 6 > 8 – Body-Mind Centering® into movement with Nina Wehnert

In this workshop we will move, breathe, sound from the heart. We will explore its relationships to other structures that the heart is embedded in and “talks” with: the lungs, the brain, the pelvis, the blood, the nervous system, the limbs, the connective tissue. Following the embryological pathway of the heart we can see how from the beginning the heart is a hub and place of relation for many organs and tissues in the body. How wonderful it feels to move from a tender but radiating heart, that is in full communication with its environment. Listens, feels, speaks, follows, guides our movements, breath, mind and being.

We will touch, move, sound alone and with a partner. We will use anatomical images to guide us and follow inner subtle sensations. We will align cellular movement with the expression through space. Wild, soft, slow, fast,.. exploring with clear specificity aswell as with a wider range of focus.

Body-Mind Centering® is an integrated and embodied approach to movement, the body and conciousness. It is an ongoing, experiental journey. Through anatomical information, movement, sensation and touch it offers pathways to discover the richness of the relationships within the body and mind. Identifying, articulating, differentiating, and integrating various tissues within the body, discovering the qualities they contribute to one’s movement, how they have evolved in one’s developmental process, and the role they play in the expression of mind. With finest and deep awareness, and understanding of relationships in the body we evoke presence, threedimensional full-body being for joy and ease in movement!
More informations: www.bodymindcentering.com

Nina Wehnert
Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering® in workshops, trainings, retreats and festivals around Europe. She is part of the core staff of moveus, the Licensed BMC® Certification Training Program in Germany and teaches in the official Training Programs throughout Europe. She is offering her own Body-Mind Centering® Training Programs in Berlin and Munich, Germany. Her background is contemporary dance, aswell as dancing, exploring and teaching Contact Improvisation for more than 25 year and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years. She is teaching embodied anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin. She studied BMC® with moveus in Germany and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in the US. Since 2020 she is offering regular online classes, which can be found on her website: www.ninawehnert.com


May 06 - 08 2022


4:00 pm - 1:00 pm


A Mandorla - Armazém (indoor)


A Mandorla - Armazém (indoor)
Monte do Carvalhosinho, 7630-568 São Teotónio (37.515889, -8.621389)
Louise Chardon


Louise Chardon
+351 91 051 81 01

After a long and intense professional career as a dancer and performer, Louise Chardon develops further herself into the field of somatics, based on spiritual growth and self-inquiry. For more than 30 years she dedicates her life to the study of the self in motion. Specialized in the profound sensitive abilities of the being and how its subconscious manifests through embodied patterns, she mainly applies her researches to her visual and performative art and shares it through her pedagogic and therapeutic approaches which she defines as Embodied Philosophy and Energetic Physiology. Louise is a certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner. She embodies Chi Kung, Tuina, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement and Yoga for more than 20 years.