Newsletter Winter-Spring 2021

This is the first newsletter of A Mandorla… Space to Be.
We want to share with you our visions and dreams to nurture our lives, and wish to announce our initiatives for the coming period.
We invite you to embrace more light, to move and be moved.  A process of inner softening, breathing, grounding.
Feel welcome!

April 06-12: H E ART H Retreat
April 18-24: Transformational Meditation Retreat
Myofascia Breathing – March 20 and 21 from 15h to 18h
Yoga – Every Wednesday from 10h to 11h30
Chi-Kung – Every Sunday from 09h30 to 11h
Meditation – Every Sunday from 11h30 to 13h
Motional – Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday from 15h to 18h

H E ART H Retreat

Rewinding from thoughts and duality to ‘life’ beyond all the illusions of separation. Experiencing your origin and connecting to your essence, to your being-ness.

A week to entirely be, in a place where you can hear the silence and fully attune with the earth, the cork oaks, the birds, listen to the sand, the rocks, smell the breeze of the ocean, be caressed by the sun, and the blueness of the sky… and more ;).

Hilde and Louise offer morning classes and workshops in yoga, dance, chi kung, meditation; the afternoon is open for your own exploration and excursion.

Open up and be surprised by this offer, by yourself and life!

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Meditation Retreat

Join us for this transformational 6-day retreat,
Realize Your True Nature,
and get clear about the future You want to see unfold.

If you are feeling the call, join us on this epic journey of Self-discovery. Grasp the opportunity to discover your Essence: you are NOT a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter, but pure and unchanging Blissful Conscious Existence.

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Myofascia Breathing

The art of releasing the fasciae is to call back fluidity and circulation into the connective tissue so it can support our suppleness and comfort, maintain our graceful and available posture and enlarge our range of motion and resiliency.

Myofascia Breathing is experiential research on deep lengthening and energizing of the myofascia developed by Louise Chardon. In Myofascia Breathing we cultivate resiliency and openness by releasing blockages and tensions throughout the semi-fluidic connective matrix within us, nurtured by breath, enabling endurance, effortless motion, and connected flow, improving multi-joint stability and strength.

By awakening our presence to our connectivity through the myofascia, we can better understand our injuries or movement limitations and rewrite ourselves into a more resilient, integrated, integrative body, and life/practice experience.

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Poetics of the self in motion

Motional is research in motion that aims to animate, nurture, and heal the subtle body. It is a bed of meditative motions embodying natural patterns and addressing the most physical as well as the most etheric sheath of the self.

Motional is a profound movement practice that intensifies physical engagement and explores emotional, spiritual, and creative potentials. By guiding motion through the fibers of our tissues we allow our reflective and somatic intelligence to watch movement lead us to present/presence. The balance between active/passive engagement transforms our mindfulness into an encompassing witnessing. This way, we enter motion with resilience so that the point of balance between known and unknown can be met and unfold. Motional embraces the self in its holistic and cosmic dimensions and attunes our vibrancy and potency in resonance with the wholeness. This research is an ongoing process, a pool for remembrance and offspring. I orient the developmental process of Motional towards the manifestation of a healthy and resourcing movement practice. Motional, as a philosophy of embodiment, is dedicated to any being interested in the body-knowledge, physical creativity, and collective awareness.

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Samãna Yoga

My approach to Yoga is global and progressive. It aims to nurture and offer confidence to the aspirant who learns to relate to his/her body and its potentialities by softening the joints and toning the muscles. Particular attention is given to the sequencing, alignment, intensity, and duration of the postures (asanas) to amplify their beneficial effects on the whole being. To integrate and regulate, a deep relaxation concludes each session; the aspirant feels refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the fluctuations of everyday life.”
Louise Chardon

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… consciousness in movement

CHI KUNG literally means guiding and cultivating energy through breath.  It is the art of conscious and active movement.

By consciously moving we enable our potential to root deeper into the self and awaken our profound source of vitality. The movements are structured in such a way that everyone can practice them with full respect to their physical abilities.

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For thousands of years, meditation has been considered a crucial practice on the path of awakening. Through meditation, we lose our false sense of separate identity and connect with the One Divine Presence, Conscious Existence, the Self or Soul that we truly are. We merge with the vast space of silence and emptiness in which the whole game of life arises. Here and Now.

Old spiritual traditions teach us clearly, that the world we experience through our senses is in fact merely an illusion, maya. That at a deeper level everything is one, and that we are not a separate being in a harsh world of solid matter. There is in fact only the totally complete, creative, and radically free Absolute Consciousness that is experiencing itself subjectively.

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A Mandorla is also a space for personal and/or artistic hermitage
and we stay available for individual sessions in Meditation with Indra
and Bodywork with Louise Chardon.

A Mandorla also welcomes YOUR retreat or workshop.
For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.