Myofascial Breathing

A human being is a container invented by water so that it can walk around.” Juhan, Deane. Job’s Body – Barrytown / Station Hill Press 

Myofascial meridians

The myofascial network meanders around and within all the muscles, from bundles to fibers, from macro to micro, making of their individuality a unity. The myofascial meridians are sheets of connective tissue containing and maintaining our muscular tissue, creating a semi-fluidic matrix which interconnects all individual muscles into one continuous bed of relation. This network enable sus to move as an intelligent and sentient unit.

Understanding and experiencing motion by integrating the intelligence of the myofascial meridian allows our bodily expression to be harmonious, embodied with ease and awareness, as well as it supports energy flow and resource. It also helps to improve multi-joint stability and strength. By awakening our presence to our bodily connectivity through the myofascial meridian lines, we can better understand our injuries or movement limitations, and rewrite ourselves into a more integrated and integrative being experience. 

Myofascial Breathing is a experiential research on deep lengthening and energising of the myofascial meridians. During these sessions we experience profound breathing throughout the semi-fluidic connective matrix within us, enabling effortless motion and connected flow.

Fasciae (connective tissue) refers to the collagenous web that surrounds, supports and connects all of our bodily systems, from our bones to our vessels, passing by each of our organs and muscle bundle; a connective web through which our toes inform our skull. In a healthy terrain, the fasciae network is spongious and resilient. It has a semi-fluid quality enabling mobility and transmission. When experiencing physical trauma or inflammatory terrain, the fasciae lose their pliability and elasticity, and harden. The art of keeping the fascia field healthy is to maintain its semi-fluidic state by practicing integrated and breath full movements to call back fluidity and circulation into the fibers so it can support our flexibility and comfort, maintain our graceful and available posture and enlarge our range of motion.

The myofascial network is our fundamental system of structure and motion, relating our muscular channels throughout our entire body.

Addressed to whom:

… wishes to encounter oneself more deeply

… is in quest for a more holistic vision of (human) being

 … wishes to enrich & renew his/her movement lexicon & bodily knowledge

… wishes to broaden his/her perception & responses field

… wishes to nurture his/her creative potential

… is in quest for building ways to relate to & accompany other.

Individual encounter: 60€/month for 4 encounters (>1h)

Diade: 50€/month each for 4 encounters (>1h30)

Triade: 40€/month each for 4 encounters (>1h30)

The duration is indicative and will depend on the actual process of each session.

The sessions can be held in French, English, Portuguese and/or Dutch

Location: Monte Carvalhosinho 

info & registration: / / +351 91 051 81 01