organised by Julia

I’m warmly inviting everyone to sing and make music together and spread the word of Creation!
This is a semi-ongoing musical group experience, a practice of solo, choral and orchestral performance with group and solo rehearsals every 1-2 weeks, depending on peoples availabilities. Together we bring the song “UnionCorns” on stage and into the world – straight from the Alentejo to people’s hearts.

About the composition: “UnionCorns – We and God are One” is a song about love, friendship, union, Oneness, the Light, and your divine Self which is powerful, free, limitless. It feels like I have been guided throughout the composition process, by the force that all in-dwells which we call God, Creation, The Great Spirit, Life, The Light, The Source of all Being. A song that very lovingly empowers to hold the frequency of the New Earth that is being established. Peace on Earth starts from within!

Draft of the Song (all rights reserved):

How to participate?
With your VOICE: singing solo and/or in the choir; speaking/rapping all or part of the spoken word.
With your INSTRUMENT: violin, chello, drums or any other instrument.

What are the requirements?
The only requirements are your loving attention and your precious presence at the rehearsals.

When and Where?
From now until we all feel ready to perform. In Sao Luis, Alentejo, or closeby.

Reherasal dates:

  • – Saturday 27th of May, 12 – 17h in Sao Luis, Alentejo (place to be defined) // Choir and Soli
  • Saturday 3rd of June, 12 – 17 in Sao Luis, Alentejo (place to be defined) // Choir and Soli
  • Saturday + or Sunday 10th/11th of June, 11-17 in Sao Luis (place to be defined) // all together
  • 10th – 30th June ongoing rehearsals (dates and times to be defined via doodle-link) for Orchestra and Soli

You want to join? You have further questions? Send me an e-mail to or text me +351 920 383 395

Happy singing and playing!