H E ART H – week retreat postponed to Sept/Oct 2021

From Apr 08 2021 7:00 pm to 14 Apr. 2021 12:00 PM

@ A Mandorla – Monte do Carvalhosinho, Odemira (Portugal)

About the event

Rewinding from thoughts and duality to ‘life’ beyond all the illusions of separation. Experiencing your origin and connecting to your essence, to your being-ness.

A week to entirely be, in a place where you can hear the silence and fully attune with the earth, the cork oaks, the birds, listen to the sand, the rocks, smell the breeze of the ocean, be caressed by the sun and the blueness of the sky… and more ;).

Hilde and Louise offer morning classes and workshops in yoga, dance, chi kung, meditation; the afternoon is open for your own exploration and excursion.

Louise will invite you through Yoga Asanas to unfold your awareness to the expressions of Consciousness within yourself.

She will accompany you in the realisation to sense and regulate the subtle vibrations emanating from your presence and manifesting through your nadis (energy channels network). An invitation to attend to our being-ness, to permeate with the atmosphere within and around, so attentively that our feet can hear the earth, our skin can embrace infinite, in harmony with breath, present, environment. To further expand our presence to Consciousness, we will flow from yoga into dance, in relation with the five basic elements earth (pritvi), water (jala), fire (tejas), wind (vayu) and space (akasha).

Hilde will offer chi kung warm ups and initiate you in the Life Force Ritual. The Life Force Ritual is a meditation in motion to connect you to your origin. Through very simple movements in the form of symbols from the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, you balance your system and get closer to the memory of what it / your life is meant to be …

It will have its effect in combination with the yoga, chi kung and dance opening our physical body which is a prerequisite for receiving the subtle frequencies of the Life Force ritual.

Wilhelm, a professional classic indian sitar musician, will support most of these practices with his instrument, the sitar, adding a dimension of wonder to the exploration processes … the vibrations of his music are deeply healing and feel like a bath of goodness to the soul! Here is his website http://raga.be.

Open up and be surprised by this offer, by yourself and life!

The event is finished.



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A Mandorla


A Mandorla
Monte do Carvalhosinho, 7630-568 São Teotónio (37.515889, -8.621389)