Authentic Movement

… in movement…

Authentic Movement is a dance practice for spiritual growth, founded on Jung’s active imagination and the collective unconscious. Through movement, we learn to dwell into our inner landscapes, to cultivate our presence and empathy and to unfold our intuitive wisdom and creative potential. Experiencing ourselves beyond words and concepts, we dive into the unknown. 

AM was founded in the 1950s by the dancer Mary Starks Whitehouse and later further developed by the dance therapist Janet Adler (The discipline of Authentic Movement). 

Through kinetic meditation, we explore the here&now, we align body-mind-spirit and arise into awareness. The roles of the witness (inner and outer) are essential to the practice: being present to our own experience from within and being received in our experience by someone is the field in which our processes can be recognized and acknowledged. 

No need for particular skills, just a clear frame, and open receptive space to welcome what is.

We all have the opportunity to both move and witness others’ movements. After moving, we may draw, write, and/or share our experiences.

Some of the benefits of Authentic Movement:

  • provides a safe and nourishing setting for movement exploration without judgment or restriction,
  • supports a practice of listening and responding to the body,
  • gives a sense of spiritual, emotional and physical awareness,
  • creates a deeper felt sense of the body-mind-spirit connection,
  • helps to develop trust in one’s inner voice and intuitive guidance,
  • opens doors to creative inspiration, provides a rich experience of community and interconnection.

Addressed to whom:

… wishes to encounter oneself more deeply

… is in a quest for a more holistic vision of (human) being

 … wishes to enrich & renew his/her movement lexicon & bodily knowledge

… wishes to broaden his/her perception & responses field

… wishes to nurture his/her creative potential

… is in a quest for building ways to relate to & accompany others.

A Mandorla / Monte do Carvalhosinho

Individual encounter: 60€/month for 4 encounters (>1h)
Diade: 50€/month each for 4 encounters (>1h30)
Triade: 40€/month each for 4 encounters of (>1h30)

The duration is indicative and will adapt to the actual process of each session.
Sessions can be in French, English, Portuguese and/or Dutch

info & registration: / / +351 91 051 81 01