… to be

A Mandorla is a space to be, to be in phase with the true power of yourself. 

Tuning to this power requests grounding, gentle yield to complete tranquility, absolute contemplation for what is ready to manifests. A space to be receptive to our creative potential and to let patiently the life within unfold. 

A Mandorla offers a vastness of unspoiled nature gifted and given to welcome harmony. The many wild plants, The countless flowers, and especially the mighty cork oaks show what it means to be: to be with the music of the wind, the rhythm of the water, the songs of the birds, with the light of the moon and the warmth of the sun, with the consistency of slow growth, and the balanced tempo of the seasons.

… retreat

A Mandorla offers space to be able to fold back on ourself and to step out of the noise of every day, for a shorter or longer period of time. It is a place for retreats in the literal sense of withdrawal, away from stress, from noise and light pollution, away from temptations and deviations. It is a form of hermitage, as traditionally monks did, choosing loneliness to come closer to their spiritual power. The space above all offers the possibility to recharge and strengthen ourself deeply, energetically.

… artistic hermitage

The hermitage can be spiritual in nature, it can be focused on physical and mental cleansing, but we mainly focus on artistic hermitage. A Mandorla is a place for creation and artistic transformation. People with creative imagination can work here in the midst of nature, which is perhaps the most creative of us all. The sedimentation of the rock with all the color nuances between rust and gray, the organic patterns in the wood drawn by the trees, the rotation of the trunk towards the light, but of course also the incredible brightness in Portugal and the magical cloud formations on the heaven …. enough inspiration for people with an artist’s soul! For those interested in research into dance and movement, we also provide a dance studio. Short or longer artistic residences are perfectly possible.

… the name

A Mandorla is an aureole in the shape of an almond. It was used in early Christian iconography as a framework for the figure of Christ or a saint. The mandorla is created by two circle segments that form an almond-shaped figure. It symbolizes the coming together of two worlds, for example heaven and earth, or two beings. And it also figurates the eye and the yoni, and above all it is a shape shifter.

… the land

The domain where we live also recalls geographically the shape of a mandorla. And we embody the union of cultures, the masculine and the feminine, movement and stillness, sun and moon.

The Alentejo is a province in Portugal with a strong energetic and authentic power. It attracts people who seek a new meaning, away from capitalism and consumption. It is increasingly becoming the birthplace of new communities with a strong ecological and spiritual mission. People with a strong heart connection with nature and with each other. But equally good people who want to take it easy. Slow and calm are words that fit well with this region.

Look closely at the eyes of Alentejanese, they are filled with light, they reflect the sunlight during the day and the starry skies at night. They radiate happiness and fulfillment.