ABHIYASA, diligent yoga practice

Nowadays, Yoga is greatly misunderstood and mistreated. Most of what we name Yoga, is barely the initial step onto the way. Synonym of Tao, Yoga is a state of wholeness, Samãdhi. The most we can humbly pretend to, is to engage onto the path leading to Yoga. The sharing of my quest onto this path aims to be global and progressive. It wishes to nurture and offer confidence to the aspirant who learns to relate more profoundly to his/her embodied self. A particular attention is given to the sequencing, alignment, intensity and duration of the asanas (postures) to amplify their beneficial effects on the whole being. Time is given to yield, integrate and generate, to feel complete and vital, strong and supple in order to embrace with ease and joy the fluctuations of life.  

1st Fridays of the month from 10:00 to 13:00

20€/drop-in – 45€/3 month/3 sessions – part of 4hearteDragon

Monte do Carvalhosinho https://goo.gl/maps/AdrLaDCvYPQ55ETs5

info & registration: info@amandorla.pt