A prayer ∞ 7 bodies Walk the Coast

April  10 – 11- 12 – 13- 14 – 15 

Costa Vicentina, south-west Portugal

We pay no heed to the rules of society, of culture, to the style of things.  

Our Resistance is not passive, but subversive

With bodily patterns, meeting Edgelands.

We Refresh our minds + Recalibrate 

Touch our Poetry body

Slow the mind to feel … 

We shift together to meet the moment

In Articulation 

Inter breathing 

In continuous exchange with all

To encounter these pathways in touch with our/the pelvic bowl – Eb + Flow what do we carry? container + contents. 

An intimate encounter with fluid form. 

A bow to you from 

Tallula – Soma Living Studio

Supporting ways of knowing self, other and place. Grounded in the sensual body, remembering the animate nature of all things. 

I guide groups and individuals in somatic experiencing and movement practices to delve into human nature.

more infos & participation: Tallula Bentley <soma.livingstudio@gmail.com>